‘Pursuit of Happiness’- Andrew Baines

Description: On the cold morning of the 31 of July, 30 boys gathered at Coogee beach to be part of Andrew Baines’ artwork ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. The project involved suit and tie clad boys standing in the ocean on plastic boxes looking through telescopes at the horizon. It was legitimately like a weird dream. The photos made newspapers worldwide. A picture of me became photo of the day in The Guardian newspaper in England. The aim was to question what makes us happy in the modern world and even I started to wonder as I stood in the freezing waves.

Reflection: If I was to do the whole thing again
I would definitely get further involved. There were some boys who were literally up to the necks in the ocean in their suits while I was worried my pants were getting wet. In the end they were in some of the better photos of the day. Maybe if it was at 1pm in Summer rather than 7am in July that would be easier to do. It was a truly once in a lifetime experience though.

Outcomes Met:

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